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New Student Kit Mosaic Art - shipped priority mail

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Price: $95.00
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Please note that we might need to make substitutions depending upon availability.  Let me know if you have any of these materials already and I can substitute some more glass for example.  This kit includes priority mail shipping.

MDF Substrate or Malma mirror

Weldbond Adhesive

Wheeled Nipper

Stained glass pieces and glass tiles.  You may specify cool colors, and I will accommodate as much as possible.

Grout neutral color, either premixed or powder.

Three small tools (spatula, pick, tweezer)

safety goggles (if you do not wear glasses)

glue brush

disposable gloves

You will need to supply:

two plastic spoons

plastic knife

masking tape (optional)

two plastic cups

paper towel or cotton rag

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