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New Student Kit Mosaic Art for ONLINE students

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Items included it beginner kit:

  • MDF Substrate
  • Weldbond Adhesive
  • Wheeled Nipper
  • Stained glass pieces, glass tiles or other tesserae
  • Grout neutral color, either premixed or powder
  • Three small tools (spatula, pick, tweezer)
  • safety goggles (if you do not wear glasses)
  • glue brush
  • disposable gloves

Items not included in beginner kit:

  • two plastic spoons*
  • plastic knife (the kind you get with take-out)
  • masking tape (optional)
  • two plastic cups*
  • paper towels or cotton rag (old cut up tee shirt)

*only needed if you are using powdered grout

Optional items that you might wish to purchase:

  • pistol grip cutter
  • running plier
  • grozier / breaker plier
  • mastic

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